Psalm 132:1-12  (click to view passage)

In this Psalm, King David re-states the oath he had made, the oath that God would not allow him to carry out. The ark of the covenant had been returned to Jerusalem; and David had it in his heart to build a permanent dwelling to house the ark. But to David’s great disappointment, it was not to be.

Yet David continued to praise his God, to “worship at his footstool.” (verse 7)

David continues his Psalm by recounting the oath the LORD swore to David, that he would put one of David’s descendants on the throne; and that if they keep God’s covenant they would reign on the throne forever. (verse 12)

Later scriptures reveal that David’s descendants did not keep the covenant. The Jewish nation suffered division and eventually was conquered and carried off into Babylon. But even though David’s descendants did not remain faithful, God did. Jesus Christ, who was one of David’s descendants, sits not on a human throne, but on the heavenly throne, where he will reign throughout eternity.

Lord God, help us to focus our eyes on you when we face disappointments. May we, like David, continue to put our hope in you as we continue to praise your name.

Copyright © 2008 by Janice Green

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