Daniel 1:15-17 (Click to read NIV or select your preferred translation of the Bible. Please read the scripture first.)


God honored Daniel’s courage and diplomacy. Daniel and his three friends were visibly healthier than the other young men who ate the king’s rich food and wine. They were allowed to continue eating their healthy diet and to honor God.


Not only did God bless their physical health for honoring him, he also blessed them with knowledge and understanding. Daniel was also given the gift of understanding visions and dreams.


Even though Daniel and his friends were plunged thoroughly into the Babylonian culture, they were able to distance themselves from it by holding fast to the commands of God.


Our culture today could be compared to the Babylonian culture as we are surrounded by such an indulgent and permissive society. Like David, we must hold fast to the commands of God and the teachings of Jesus as we face the daily temptations that are thrown at us.


Father God, give us the will and the faithful determination to hold fast to your teachings in the face of worldly opposition.

Copyright © 2008 by Janice Green

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