The following scripture references were to be the focus of this blog for the next week.  These selections were established in the International Sunday School Lessons for Christian Teaching, copyright © 2004 by the Committee on the Uniform Series. I am feeling so overwhelmed with two major circumstances in my life that are temporary but are demanding a lot of time. For that reason, I am going to have to back off of what I have been doing with this blog for a while. I may try posting the scripture alone to see if any of my readers would be willing to add their own personal comments on what they get from the passage. I could see this as a way the readers can help one another. I have presumed that many of my readers are Sunday school teachers preparing their lessons.

April 7:  Psalm 121:1-4

April 8:  Daniel 3:1-7

April 9:  Daniel 3:8-15

April 10:  Daniel 3:16-23

April 11:  Daniel 3:24-27

April 12:  Daniel 3:28-30

April 13:  Psalm 121:5-8

My intent was to post on the day or earlier, though personal circumstances have interfered with this plan. I am currently employed full-time so must write this blog in my spare time.

I would still like to find one to four qualified and like-minded Christian writers to share this blog with me. If you are interested, please contact me through email at queenbjan (at) msn (dot) com.