Hebrews 12:4-7 Click on link to read passage. You may select your own version of the Bible after the link opens.

I am struggling with a major disappointment in my life at the time I am writing this. It is in a situation where I feel very betrayed by an agency that was supposed to bring an improvement into my life with a whopping price tag. But the improvement is not an improvement at all, it has become a hindrance.

I have the faith to believe that God disciplines those he loves. If this is his discipline then I am willing to adjust my paths accordingly. But I can’t help but question that this is one of those situations. I hope my readers will pray with me on this as it really has me depressed.

I feel the need to return to the prayer I mentioned in a very recent post: Lord, don’t let this hardship go to waste. Let me learn what you would have me learn through it.

Many of the comments I made in that earlier post are appropriate for today’s scripture as well, so I encourage my readers to read it by clicking here. The last section of that post especially focuses on how God disciplines us as his children because he loves us.

A part of me feels guilty about not writing a more upbeat post today. But my heart says, not. It is time for Christians to admit when it is hard. Being a Christian doesn’t turn us into sugar coated cookies. It is for real with daily situations that are sometimes very hard to deal with. But God loves us and knows what we can endure. He knows how much pain he can trust us with. So as I sniffle like a child, yet I will trust him with all my tomorrows, and I will wait to see what tomorrow will bring and how he will bless it in the end.


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