Luke 7:24-29 Click on this link to read the passage. You may select your preferred version of the Bible after the link opens.

Background for this passage: John the Baptist was imprisoned because he dared to confront the king in his sin. (see Luke 3) In his apparent discouragement he sent some of his disciples to ask Jesus if He was truly the Messiah.

Jesus’ questions concerning John were rhetorical, designed to lead the thinking of the people. He was reminding them that John did not sway with the breezes of public opinion. Why else would he have ended up in prison? The people came to John for spiritual needs, not financial gain.  John was seen as a prophet, and Jesus affirmed their beliefs.

Verse 28 confuses me in my mortal wisdom. I know God will make it clear to me one day. I will venture a guess at its meaning, however. Jesus said that John the Baptist is the greatest of men born to women. He must surely be excluding himself in this statement, perhaps on the basis that Jesus is both man and God. But then he turns around and says that the one who is least in the Kingdom of God is greater than John. I can only wonder, but perhaps Jesus is speaking of John’s wavering in his faith that Jesus is the Messiah. To enter the Kingdom of God one must believe that Jesus is the Messiah.

Father God, increase our understanding of Your Word and forever increase our faith in Jesus as our Messiah and our Savior. May our love for You increase day by day.

Copyright © 2008 by Janice Green

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